Our Services
Our Aim - To improve your online presence and brand across the www.

On-page SEO

We work at the most detailed level –even page-by-page – here at Internet Marketing London, in order to implement a search engine optimisation campaign to keep your site high. Our onsite optimisation strateguies work within the boundaries of your website – considering factors such as content, links and multimedia – to turn it into a strong platform.

  • We open up your sites accessibility to search engine success and visitors too
  • Boost leverage with SEO-friendly permalink URLs
  • Keep close keyword management so your site is rich with the content people are searching for
  • We know how to slash bounce rates (therefore keeping customers on your page) and reduce loading times

We carry out fully all the behind-the-scenes amendments which make your site the best it can be. This includes strategic changes in page titles, meta tags and meta descriptions to make your web presence powerful against the competition. Other sites may also fall-short because they have over-used keywords and appear spam-heavy; something we avoid here at Internet Marketing London. Our on-page SEO produces sites which are rich in quality, fresh content and important in an online strategy too.

Off-page SEO

We not only work directly within your website, have the experience to work with the World Wide Web to make your online presence felt on an international scale. There are a wide range of services that make up your typical off-site SEO strategy; the main one being backward links designed to offer strength and greater relevance for your website.

We’re the proven-best in backlinking!

Unlike other companies which resort to over-used techniques, we build up backlinks to support your site in a highly structured way:

  • Originally-crafted press releases, which get your business recognised as an industry expert on Google News
  • Original guest blogs to really keep your site current
  • Social media management – we are professionals across the social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and we can build your business a bold presence across the range

You can readily contact us, where a member of our expert team will be ready to advise you on your SEO options and secure route to the top.

Social Media

We are your partner to a top-level social media strategy. Our expertise stretches across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn – and we have the inside knowledge, to know what it takes to make your site perform across platforms.

We CAN help you sell your service to the biggest audience possible! Here is just a part of what you can expect from our bespoke social media performance packages:

  • Boosted brand identity
  • Sustained online awareness surrounding your business
  • New connections, both at a corporate and customer level
  • Increased enquiries, leads and sales – leading to the best ROI for you!

We research the media closely, constantly looking out for new trends and current stories we can use to propel your site forward. Well-managed social media can massively increase the interaction between customers and your services – so we are proud to take the time, across bases, to build industry-leading social profiles for your clients.

  • We’re Facebook experts – helping our clients connect with an audience which reaches over 936 Million DAILY!
  • Twitter is made easy with us – And we help you connect with the right businesses and customers on a site with 316 million monthly active users
  • We help you connect and grow with Google+ – Google+ has over 11 365 640 total followers – and we know what it takes to get them following and favouring your services
  • Our LinkedIn management boosts business profiles– Over 25 million profiles are viewed on LinkedIn daily – and we continue to build your business profile and get you all the necessary attention!
  • Our social media experts are ready to speak to you regarding your requirements – and can create complete bespoke packages to suit your needs and budget. 

Website design

We built brilliant websites which perform at the optimum online level. This means they are fully-responsive, mobile-friendly and look fantastic; as well as incorporating the best SEO techniques to stay high in the search engines.

The research we do is ongoing, so we can do all it takes to construct cutting-edge sites. We will get to grips with the wireframes and UX of your site, in order to structure pages and user flows to maximise your online gains.

Here’s just the start of what you can expect from the support of our design specialists:

  • A site which is ready for mobiles and can deal with Google algorithm changes; therefore attractive to Smartphone and Desktop computer users alike
  • A creative design with instant visual appeal – our creative team will work to give your site the ultimate aesthetic
  • SEO-ready pages – for the ultimate online performance